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Our Process

We help simplify the process of getting a patent, saving you time and cost along the way. Our goal is to delight you with a finished patent application that simultaneously provides the strongest possible protection with the broadest possible coverage. What makes our process unique is our focus on conceptualizing the technical details of the invention to the fullest extent, realizing the business uses and applications of the invention, and refining of the application to perfection by iterative revision. Our attention to detail allows us to draft well-informed claims and make tactical recommendations.

An invention starts with an idea. In the United States, clients have up to one year to file a patent application from the first reduction to practice in order to qualify for patent protection. The first step is to discuss your legal options with our registered patent agents in an initial consultation. While each invention varies in complexity, most cases take approximately one month to go from initial consultation to filed patent application. After an initial recommendation has been given, we then determine the technical subject matter of the patent application, taking into account the business and strategic concerns. Optionally, a prior art search is conducted to assess the state of the art. Next, the client prepares a technical disclosure of the invention with as much technical detail as needed to fully describe the invention along with any informal drawings and diagrams to illustrate the workings of the invention.

After the technical disclosure has be recieved, we begin drafting a fully compliant patent application, including a background section, detailed description, claims, and formal drawings that satisfy all legal requirements. We formulate the legal interpretation of your invention by thoroughly describing each component and use of the invention in the most advantageous manner.

The client then reviews the draft, checking for technical accuracy. Typically several version will then go back and forth between the client and ourselves as we revise the claims and legal language of the application. Once the specification has been perfected to the client's satisfaction, we will prepare all of the papers and forms that are needed in a full patent application. This typically includes items such as the declaration, information disclosure statements (IDS) , any assignment of ownership, and an abstract, among others. We also help independent inventors and small companies assert Small Entity Status, which allows them to pay half of the regular amount for most fees.

It can take up to 14 months after the patent application is filed at the USPTO for the USPTO to respond by what is called an Office Action, specifying any objections and rejections to the claims. The client must respond to the office action typically within 3-6 months. Sometimes multiple office actions are recieved. Finally, the applicant recieves either a notice of Allowance or a Final rejection. In the case of a final rejection, the applicant can choose to appeal the decision, pay a fee to request continued examination (RCE), or reformulate the idea and file a new application.

In the case of the notice of allowance, the client simply pays the issue fee and a patent is issued. The life of the patent then begins and the inventor can enjoy all the rights conferred by the patent.

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