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We offer a variety of services for corporate clients and independent inventors. Let us know if you have specialized needs so that we can create a personalized solution for you.

Patent Application Preparation

Patents are an effective means of procuring a government sanctioned, limited time, monopoly on your idea, thereby excluding other companies from practicing your claimed invention. To qualify for patent protection an invention must fall in one of five statutory classes: process, machine, an article of manufacture, a composition of matter, or a new use of an existing invention in one of the above classes.

Seeking patent protection for an invention is appropriate when maintaining trade secret rights is not sufficient to keep the invention out of the hands of competitors either from independent discovery or from reverse engineering. We can assist in helping you choose the appropriate form of protection and navigate the complex process of patent prosecution. There are several different types of patent applications and the choice of which to use can have advantageous effects on the rights granted from the resultant patent.

Only a small percentage of self-filed patent applications are succesful and an even smaller percentage of self-filed patents claim the maximum coverage that the invention is entitled to. Having your application drafted by a professional patent agent can greatly increase the value of the resultant patent and improve the chances that your patent rights will be protected in the case that infringement by others occurs.

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Trademark Application Preparation

Registering a trademark with the USPTO grants the owner exclusive nationwide ownership of the mark and decreases the likelihood that another will claim that your trademark infringes on their trademark. It also serves as an official public notice to others and gives the trademark owner the right to recover up to triple the damages from any future infringer in a lawsuit.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Consulting

Confused about which type of protection to seek? We offer IP portfolio consulting services to help you with issues ranging from deciding what should be protected to offering strategies for maximizing the value of your existing patent portfolio.

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